Hinterland music festival 2023

The Hinterland Music Festival is an annual music festival that takes place in Saint Charles, Iowa, United States.

Hinterland Music Festival is known for its diverse lineup featuring a mix of indie rock, folk, Americana, country, and alternative music. The festival typically takes place over a weekend and offers multiple stages where various artists perform throughout the day and evening.

The festival grounds are located at the Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater, which provides a beautiful outdoor setting for attendees to enjoy live music. In addition to the performances, the festival often includes art installations, local food vendors, craft beer options, and other activities to enhance the overall experience.

Friday, August 4 – Marijuana DeathsquadsThomas Dolbaum

Saturday, August 5 – Richy Mitch & the Coal MinersSunny War

Sunday, August 6 – Field MedicSavannah Conley

Use link to know more about https://www.hinterlandiowa.com/lineup/2023/

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